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The Latest Technologies

Tucson online marketing is in the midst of significant change.
Local business owners who want to stay ahead of the curve and remain viable in the prolonged recession are turning to Sandman Marketing because they know we are experts in the newest Tucson online marketing.

Simply having a website is not nearly enough.
If you don’t yet have one, we can help you, but that is only the first, small step to building your brand, generating leads and ultimately increasing your bottom line.

To be competitive today, you’ve got to exploit mobile technology.
People are currently accessing the Internet almost as much with Smart Phones and other mobile devices, as they do with computers. Very soon the majority of people online at any given time, will be individuals using their mobile phones and tablets.
Many people will not even own a PC or a Mac.

What this means is you’re leaving money on the table if you aren’t taking advantage
of the latest Tucson online marketing technologies.

For starters, you absolutely must have a mobile friendly version of your website.
Accessing a mobile friendly site from your smartphone is a more pleasant experience than trying to navigate around a website built for a computer.

If you don’t have a mobile friendly version of your website, your “bounce rate” is going to be thru the roof. You visitors will leave in a few seconds and end up on a competitor’s site that quickly gives them the information they need when they’re on the go.

There is no need to give out two different addresses for your website either.
Sandman Marketing can create a script on your main website that automatically redirects tablets and Smart Phones to your mobile site.

A common mistake most local businesses owners make in Tucson online marketing efforts is using their website as an electronic billboard rather than a powerful lead generation tool.

To illustrate this point, let’s consider two versions of an old school marketing technology the flyer. You know, the one that you can’t wait to throw into the trash.

There are some exceptions, though.
1) If you happen to have a real need for what the flyer is promoting.
2) You are enticed by a special offer that requires you to present the flyer to qualify for a discount or Special Offer.

Sandman’s Tucson online marketing specializes in both.

Rather than using old school marketing methods that blast your message to untargeted masses in hopes of finding a few people who need your products and services, we are marketing experts who help you tailor a Special Offer targeted to your customers.

We’ll work with you to create powerful proven offers and coupons
that are used in the following manner:
* On your website & Mobile friendly site
* Proximity & GPS Offers & Coupons
* On Smart Phone apps
* With QR Codes
* SMS text marketing
* Email marketing

We will discuss each of these below but first lets talk about the powerful marketing psychology of using special coupon codes.

Even newspaper coupons, are still very popular in this day and age more than a century since they were first utilized. If you stop to think about it, you may recall times that you made buying decisions based solely upon the fact that you had a coupon.

That is to say, you didn’t make the purchase just based on price.
For instance, seeing the item for an attractive price in a newspaper,
on a flyer, or actually in the store, might not have swayed you.

However, since you had a coupon with a special offer,
that is what closed the deal for you.
It gave you the feeling of exclusivity or being a VIP.
Only the people who were sent the coupon could get in on the special offer.
This is extremely powerful and it works better than ever with Tucson online marketing
selectively sending the offers out for you.

Another benefit of using coupon code promotions is the ability to track your success.
If you are not meticulously tracking your campaigns then you have no idea of what is working well and what’s not.  Tracking & testing is what leads to better conversion rates.

Sandman’s Tucson online marketing service will help you create high converting
coupons & offers for your online properties and use lead capture pages that entice prospects to give you their contact information.  Then when you follow up with
permission-based email, text or even telephone campaigns, you can add
your coupon &offers there too. You can also create scarcity or a limited time offer
to get you client to take action.

QR Codes, SMS Text Marketing and Smartphone Apps

Three of the newest Tucson online marketing technologies are
QR codes, SMS text marketing and Smartphone applications.
Let’s briefly look at each of them.

QR codes are those funky looking square bar codes that look somewhat
similar to a rorschach test. They can be scanned by Smartphones and
then a number of things can happen. The prospect may be taken directly
to a website, a lead generation page or place your business information in the
customer’s contact list. You can also link a QR Code to a Coupon.

With SMS text marketing, your business will make a special offer
available only to people who text a certain keyword to a
custom 5 digit number. For instance, they might text, PIZZA to 72727 to get a
coupon code for a discount on their next pizza.
You can continue to send offers and reminders that are received immediately
so you can get a quick response like filling your restaurant on a slow night
with a great offer or have a sale on an overstocked perishable item.

Sandman Marketing can create Custom Mobile Apps that can be
downloaded by your customers and prospects to their Smartphones.
It’s a great way to keep your company on their mind. With the use of
Push Notifications you can send offers right to the main screen of their
phone even if the application is off!

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