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The problem with most Tucson lead generation and marketing strategies
is that they are hopelessly lost in the 20th century.
It’s hard to imagine, but true, that half of businesses here still do not
have an online presence.
Having a website is only a start, but it’s definitely a first step.

It used to be that the only Tucson lead geneation method you ever
needed was a nice Yellow Page ad.
When is the last time you used the Yellow Pages, or for that matter,
when did you last dial 411 to find a local business?
If you are like most people, it was probably years ago.

Being found on the first page of Google is a good second step
when it comes to Tucson lead generation.

If your business does not have several different first page listings
for search results in your city,

Sandman Marketing can definitely help you get there.

If you are already there, congratulations!
That means you are ready to get serious with Tucson lead generation
strategies of the 21st century.

We are not going to sugar coat the facts.
Businesses are closing every day and the economy is
not recovering as fast as we’d like.

Businesses that are going to survive in the coming years are
going to have to catch up with the times.

Merely having on online presence with pictures and information
about what you have to offer, is not good enough anymore.

You need to be using the most up to date and proven Tucson lead generation
methods that are out there. If you stay at the head of the pack,
your business can survive the tough times and it can thrive.

Sandman Marketing can help your business have better positioning,
gain greater exposure, get more traffic both to your website and
through your doors, which leads to increased revenue, even as businesses
on either side of you decide to cut their losses and close their doors for good.

We show you how to get leads using not just your website, but also social media sites
like Facebook and with sites that are made specifically for people accessing them
from their mobile devices.

Speaking of  mobile — Does you business have it’s first Smartphone app yet?
That is one of our many 21st century specialties.

Tucson Lead Generation Services:

* Smartphone Apps with Push Notifications.
* Lead Generation Websites with Auto Responder Email follow up.
* Mobile Lead Generation Pages, Coupon & SMS Offer blasts.
* Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation.

Sandman Marketing is the premier Tucson lead generation group working with
local business owners who are committed to increasing their revenue, branding
and their place in the community at a time when other businesses are falling by the wayside.

We specialize in online and mobile lead capture pages that help you to keep in touch
with your prospects and provide a great service to them.

We help your prospects get to know, like and trust you, which is also very good for
your bottom line. It is basic human nature, that people enjoy doing business with individuals they know, like and trust.

After we get your prospects to give you their contact information,
the various follow up campaigns will automatically spring into action.
They can be a combination of email marketing, SMS text marketing,
or contacted by phone.

There are no worries. This is all permission based follow up.
You will not be contacting anybody who hasn’t agreed to it and
who’s looking forward to hearing from you.

For instance, with SMS text marketing, you can make an offer to give
special discounts to people who join your VIP Club by texting  a keyword
to a five digit number called a Short Code.

As soon as they do that, they will be on your Text Message list.
You can send out blasts offering special deals when business is slow.
Almost everyone checks their Text Messages within minutes if not seconds
of receiving them. This is an extremely powerful strategy that you need to take
advantage of.

Sandman Marketing can track your return on investment so you’ll never
have to wonder about what’s working and what is not.
Try doing that with a Yellow Page Ad.

Tracking can be done with track-able links & special phone numbers,
unique campaign creation, QR Codes on site or added to your existing Print Ads,
Coupons or Promo Codes.

All of which are traced to a custom Tucson lead generation method.